“I may have accidentally crashed into your mail box…”

       ”…The one with polka dots and the bow on it?”

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Open || Macon +


"All you have to do is trust me. I’ll handle the rest." 


       ”I don’t want to trust you.”

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          “—-W-What?” She was clearly distracted.

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‟Hold the cup for me, luv.”

what is he going to attempt now? will, you’re out of balance. 〕 

       ”…Oh lord.”

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            “I want to watch Bate’s Motel…”


            “..——- —- but that’s a lot of work.”

        “That’s a pretty awesome show.”

         ”Your loss.”

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  • Alec: you left your shirt here, along with a couple of other things. do you want them still?
  • Alec [ unsent ]: i just really want them out of here because i'm trying so hard to get over you, and all i do is stare at them and cry. they remind me too much of you, --of us.
  • Milo: uh, okay..
  • Milo [ unsent ]: i miss you.
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daddy verse ; open



      There West was, trying to teach his son how to swim. “Come on, buddy, You can do it without daddy’s help.” He told him, watching him swim towards him and not even noticing the male/female who had just walked out of the house and was watching the two of them. 

        The girl looked at the two, leaning against one of the pillars, with a smile. “Well, someone’s learning quickly.” Lanna mused as she walked towards the edge of the pool, sitting down on the concrete with her legs in the water.

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  “Shit, man. Some gum is all it takes?
   Alright lady, you got a deal. Come on.”

    “Yep! Some gum.
    Alright, alright, ‘m coming!”

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   ”I will give you two hundred bucks
    of my hard-earned money right now
    if you nap with me and rub my back while
    I sleep because it’s fucking killin’ me, man.”

   ”—-You really don’t have to pay me.
    I’ll do it for some gum, though.”

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